Police Station, North Mole, Gibraltar
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Crime in Gibraltar

Crime is not a generally a problem in Gibraltar and safety on the streets can be virtually guaranteed.  Find out more below.

Provided you take adequate care with yourself and your belongings when out and about and you lock your doors when not at home, your stay on the Rock should be free of petty crime. Extremely rare are stories of people being mugged, attacked or murdered at night. However, you should be most vigilant around the Spanish side of the border, where drunken behavior can sometimes occur at night and passing moped-riding bag snatchers have been known to operate on unsuspecting tourists both by day and night. 

The Royal Gibraltar Police Force, the oldest force outside the UK, is principally responsible for law enforcement, and is normally involved in occasional drunk and disorderly behavior or dangerous driving offences.  The police operate both in Gibraltar and in the bay around the Rock.

The Customs department controls all entry points into Gibraltar, whether by land, air or sea. In addition, it patrols the shores, controlling exports and collecting duty on imports. Just like the police force, Customs also patrol the bay with their own marine section.

Both the Royal Gibraltar Police and Gibraltar Customs work closely with customs organisations in other countries in order to prevent crime, particularly international drug trafficking.  For many years Gibraltar had a reputation for large amounts of drug smuggling operating between Morocco and Gibraltar.  Today, it is illegal for anyone to own or bring speed boats of the kind used for smuggling into Gibraltar waters and the Royal Gibraltar Police drugs squad strictly enforces this law.

Local duty on tobacco is low and means prices are greatly reduced in Gibraltar.  As a consequence many people have been smuggling tobacco across the land and sea in order to benefit from the relatively inflated prices in Spain.  The government has introduced tough laws on owning speedboats and the possession of 2,000 or more cigarettes.  It is now also an offence to ask anyone to take tobacco over the frontier for you, stopping tourists constantly being bothered by Spanish people asking them to do so.

Useful phone numbers

Police Emergency199/112

Police Enquiries 200 72500

Community Crime155

Drugs Hotline200 77677


The Royal Gibraltar Police is answerable to The Gibraltar Police Authority, an independent body responsible for securing that the Royal Gibraltar Police operates as efficiently and effectively as possible using all available resources.  The Police Authority provides information to the community on police issues, supervises the handling of complaints against police officers and generally ensures high standards of policing for Gibraltar.

With Spain no longer considered as a military threat, the British Army, a feature of Gibraltar life since 1704, has been totally withdrawn from the Rock, their role having been passed onto the Royal Gibraltar Regiment.


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